Business Coaching - Strategy Planning

Process Improvement - Organization Development


alchemy \al-keh-me\ 1: a medieval science aiming to turn base metals into gold;

2: a process of transforming something common into something special





     Business Coaching

  • Provided executive coaching to a floundering CEO, redefined his success criteria and career direction which enabled him to substantially increase his impact on the company.
  • Drove the refinement of the business vision and operating strategy for an early stage start-up that helped them launch their service model and quickly capture market share.
  • Conducted behavior change coaching with senior executives regarding sexual harassment.


     Strategy Planning

  • Defined and implemented a Strategic Sourcing Process for acquisition of goods and services.
  • Developed the business plan, investor presentations and due diligence package supporting a $15M private placement funding round for $26M service company.
  • Completed a debt workout for a pre-revenue telecom company and negotiated vendor payments which enabled an infusion of additional capital.


     Process Improvement

  • Designed and implemented a centralized finance and operations service center for a $1B+ company that improved customer service and reduced operating costs by 20%.
  • Facilitated the selection of new travel management and car rental vendors to improve service and reduce costs. Negotiated price/contract terms and led the new program implementations.
  • Developed and implemented business process improvements to prepare for and enable the enterprise to gain maximum benefits from the installation of a new ERP system.


     Organization Development

  • Redesigned the organizational structure and professional incentives to support culture change and promote a more entrepreneurial environment.
  • Designed and implemented an integrated cross-functional "order-to-cash" organization that improved cash collections and reduced customer complaints.
  • Implemented workforce diagnostics to identify benefits retention and productivity improvement opportunities along with the related costs.



  • Provided HR related litigation support in the areas of compensation, internal investigations and termination processes.
  • Enhanced a Discounted Cash Flow/IIR financial model for a buy-side Private Equity group.
  • Delivered out-sourced HR and compliance management small business enterprises during early growth periods.


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